*3.5.1* - 07.09.2016
* Fixed some variables leaking into global scope [Kiwiz]
*3.5.0* - 07.07.2015
* Fixed an issue that prevented HTML5 players loaded in an iframe from going 
  into fullscreen [Neo, Commando677]
*3.4.0* - 24.02.2014
* Some CSS changes to avoid conflicts with frameworks like Bootstrap that don't keep the use of 
  box-sizing: border-box within their own namespace but set it globally making it affect Lightview.
  This fixes incorrect element dimensions in those cases.

* Upgraded jQuery to 1.11.0
*3.3.0* - 07.07.2013
* Upgraded jQuery to 1.10.2

* Made sure that the slideshow button will only be enabled for groups containing exclusively images [stevelucky]

* Fixed a bug where a slideshow button with a disabled state would be clickable in some situations.
** - 01.05.2013
* Fixed a typo in lightview.css [WebVeteran]
*3.2.9* - 21.03.2013
* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to set 0 opacity on backgrounds [designingit]
*3.2.8* - 22.02.2013
* Urls in the form of a #hash will now be seen as the id of an inline element. This helps avoid 
  crawler hits on invalid urls [doran_wi]

* Upgraded jQuery to 1.9.1.

* We've switched to using the jQuery CDN instead of Google since Google broke the /1.9/ url 
  notation for latest minor releases, we'll also have faster updates with the jQuery CDN.
*3.2.7* - 01.12.2012
* Fixed a bug introduced in 3.2.6 that could cause image thumbnails in mixed sets to have a video icon.
*3.2.6* - 01.12.2012
* Fixed a bug that prevented the wrapperClass option from working with the inline type [platypusman]
*3.2.5* - 25.09.2012
* Made the thumbnails square, this works better when landscape and portrait are mixed.
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