*3.1.4* - 09.05.2012
* Fixed issues with pinch-to-zoom on iPad/Phone. The window will no longer reposition itself when 
  zoomed in and only resizes when the device changes orientation [mattiafrigeri]
*3.1.3* - 01.05.2012
* Fixed a bug in 3.1 that caused some ajax, iframe and inline content to become unclickable [amalc]
*3.1.2* - 27.04.2012
* Made the close button configurable using the controls.close options. It can positioned using 
  'relative', 'top', or disabled with false. Updated the documentation with examples.

* All close buttons are now set to relative for consistency.

* All spacing options have been set to 60 to go along with the new close button defaults.

* The radius of the 'light' skin is now 5, same as the 'dark' skin. Default radius for new skins is 0.

* Fixed a minor fadeOut glitch when Lightview closed with open thumbnails on the iPad.

* Other small visual tweaks to the CSS.
*3.1.1* - 25.04.2012
* Important bugfix for 3.1 where including lightview.js would block certain keypress events on 
  the page even if Lightview was hidden [Johan van Loon]

* Disabled keyboard and mousewheel by default for all types but images, since most of the time these
  got manually disabled anyways to prevent Lightview from responding to those events.

* Added mousewheel option to thumbnail controls, the thumbnails now respond to that instead of the
  mousewheel option on the window itself.
*3.1.0* - 23.04.2012
* Thumbnail navigation! [nay-k, Nyrrn, Mark Wiersma]

* Smart preloading of thumbnails by loading only those visible in the viewport, this prevents 
  large hits on the server when opening groups with lots of images.

* Added a thumbnail option to set a custom thumbnail source and optional overlay icon. 
  It can be used to set thumbnails for elements for which the url doesn't allow thumbnail creation.

* Loading icons for thumbnails, configurable through the controls option.

* Redesigned the top controls of the dark skin for improved visibility. Made the side buttons 
  on the mac skin square to match the other skins. Various other skin tweaks.

* Smoother effects by increasing default effect durations [eduardo]

* Inserting images using an img tag instead of canvas for better anti-aliasing on most browsers, 
  greatly improves quality of resized images on the iPad.

* Adding options for vertical and horizontal spacing. 10px of default spacing has been added 
  for better alignment with controls.
  Note: Custom skin CSS might have to be adjusted in order to move .lv_button_top_close by 10px.

* Adding a position argument to the afterUpdate callback, useful for when something needs
  to be kept in sync with the Lightview position.

* Improved mousewheel by disabling scrolling on the page while Lightview is open.

* Enabled more effects in IE < 9 by fixing some display issues for those browsers.

* Fixed mousewheel on Webkit.

* Workaround for a bug in Chrome where the image fade effect caused partial rendering.

* Fixed a bug that caused the top controls to fade out after the overlay.

* Fixed a bug that prevented clicks on the underlying content in groups in some situations.

* Fixed overlay size in IE after resizing the window.

* Prevented page scroll when using the left or right arrow on pages with horizontal scroll.

* Improved code indentation in documentation, added best practices for embedding Youtube and Vimeo.
*3.0.8* - 26.03.2012
* Fixed a bug with Lightview.refresh() that caused incorrect dimensions, resulting in parts of the 
  window to not be visible in some situations [lukele]

* Fixed a bug that set the opacity of title and caption to 0 when calling Lightview.refresh()

* Set overflow:auto on the .lv_content element so that overflow will cause scrollbars even without 
  calling Lightview.refresh() [dekoster]

* Fixed a bug that caused title/caption fade delay to be 0 even when it was set.

* Gave some animations a little bit more default duration.
*3.0.7* - 15.03.2012
* Image tags inserted through Ajax with just a height or width attribute set will now be resized to get proper dimensions.

* Fixed a bug that caused the onHide callback to fire a second time when opening the window [Kogenta]

* Fixed mousewheel:false

* Made it possible to set spinner:false
*3.0.6* - 16.02.2012
* Fixed an IE8 bug that prevented some images from loading when slider:false was set [Jillem]
*3.0.5* - 09.02.2012
* Added support for animated gifs [nickallen19]

* Increased the z-index of the window to 100000 and that of the overlay to 99999 so it works better
  with an often used z-index of 9999 in third party scripts. Tipped now use a z-index of 999999 so 
  tooltips appear on top of Lightview. Update Tipped as well if you are using it [davidultra]
*3.0.4* - 05.02.2012
* Added position option that can be set to 'top', 'center' or an distance from the top of the viewport in pixels [Oliver1975]

* Fixed a bug with caching and preloading that could cause errors when quickly clicking through a group [lukas]

* Lightview.refresh() will no longer reposition the window if viewport:false is used, this way Lightview 
  can be refreshed without shifting position after updating content.
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