*3.0.3* - 30.01.2012
* Faster browsing of images with image preloading, added preload option to toggle it, enabled by default.

* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use spaces in group names [schwubbe]
*3.0.2* - 25.01.2012
* Added allowFullScreen to the default parameters for flash so that the JWPlayer fullscreen button 
  works without having to set this parameter [Lukas Kretschmer]
*3.0.1* - 09.01.2012
* Made sure clicks on the edges of the window register as clicks on the overlay, closing Lightview [Eric Foster]
*3.0* - 09.01.2012
* Lightview is now jQuery based and rewritten from the ground up to be a lightbox that pushes the 
  envelope based on the web of today. The documentation covers all the new stuff.

* Ported some improvements over from the upcoming Lightview 3.

  - Better text alignment.
  - Avoided conflicts with CSS that styles UL and LI elements.
  - Improved downscaled images in IE < 9, this also fixed a bug that could cause 
    an icon/border to appear for a short time while the image is inserted.

* The download now has an example folder that shows the installation.
* Now showing some helpful information when a site needs to enable jQuery.noConflict.
* Moved some minor visual tweaks over from the development version of Lightview 3.
* CSS improvements for better text alignment in the menubar.
* Fixed a bug that prevented downscaled images from showing up in IE9.

* Fixed a bug that prevented sets that define types from having more then one item, 
  for example: set[setname][flash]

* Added some effect durations to the options.
* The image number indicator now adds a zero to numbers below 10 so that there will 
  always be at least two digits showing a number. [Frank Dresmé]
* Fixed a problem where previous and next buttons showed up when cyclic was set to true
  and the gallery contained only one item.
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