* Moved the previous and next buttons inside the view to go alongside the image # indicator.
  Updated the CSS file.

* Changed the image number display to show only numbers with zeros so the left and right 
  side of it are balanced. For example: "004 / 150" instead of "Image 4 out of 150",
  it also removes any language from that string.

* Fixed a bug where it was possible that the previous and next arrows could disappear in 
  some situations on older version of IE.

* Quicktime views now increase the height of the movie by 16px when it has a controller 
  enabled so you no longer have to do this manually. This change might even make your
  quicktime movies sharper as they could have been of by a few pixels before:

* Updated cab files in options.
* Made the Gecko version check better so it works with Firefox nightly builds. [burnymc]
* Used defer on firing lightview:loaded to prevent a TypeError thrown from Object.keys
  in IE. [erictr1ck, vlad]

  Should be looked into further since the required defer could mean that 
  Prototype fires dom:loaded too quickly, at least in IE.
* Fixed a bug where inline content disappeared in IE when opened more then once.
  [rivkadr, yoyoyo, bostondevin]
* Upgrade to Prototype 1.7 and Scriptaculous 1.8.3 in preparation for IE9.
* Fixed the slideshow play and stop button. When changing the background color
  the transparent white background is no longer visible underneath the icon.
* Lightview's optimized document.viewport has been moved into Prototype,
  refactored the code to make use of it.

* Changed flash to show itself as late as possible to prevent IE borders.
* Made Prototype 1.6.1 the required Prototype version for better IE8 compatibility.

* Fixed a bug that could arise when Lightview and Prototip are on the same page in IE8
  by changing the VML implementation.
* Lightview is now compatible with IE8 using Prototype 1.6.1_rc2.

* Changed the VML implementation to work with IE8 [Peter Sunde]

* Made sure the Controller corners work with a Strict Doctype.

* Work around object and embed Prototype bugs in IE8 by not extending those elements.
  A temporary workaround since this bug is now fixed in Prototype trunk, 

* Fixed 'Home' and 'End' buttons on a slideshow.

* Fixed a bug where the bottom part of an iframe was sometimes not shown.

* You can now specificy the type of view on a set using set[setname][type]
  for example rel='set[myset][iframe]' will force an iframe.
* Fixed a bug where the Controller corners disappeared when it's own border
  or Lightview's radius was set to 0 [hanski1982]
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