* Fixed a bug where iframes in fullscreen got cut off at the bottom of Lightview [jabbercode]
* Required Prototype is

* Required Scriptaculous is 1.8.2

* Made sure the menubar keeps it's visibility hidden before the fadein starts
  to prevent a flicker in IE [express, noxhoej]

* Changed the Quicktime to Quicktime fix from to not resize anything when
  it's not required.
* Avoid conflicts with body { text-align: center; } in CSS [noxhoej]

* Fix problem where moving from Quicktime to Quicktime with the same dimensions
  would not show the video on Safari Mac [ig88]

* Changed the VML implementation to avoid the use of v:* since support for it is dropped by IE.
* Added support for mixed sets of content.

* Added Controller to navigate through sets. It will take over the default controls
  cleaning up the view, the fixed position of the previous and next button make it easier to navigate.
  The slideshow button in the controller will be active when a set contains images only.

* Resized images are now shown through Canvas or VML. This adds the missing anti-aliasing to IE.
  Greatly improving image quality, this also improves on other browser but is most noticable on IE.

* Refactored the resize effect.

* Added overflow option that makes it possible to give ajax and inline views a scrollbar.

* Removed scrolling option. The overflow option gives more control over the scrollbars and
  better resembles the actual CSS.

* Fixed content inside inline and ajax views from going underneath it's scrollbar on IE.

* Prototype.Browser is no longer extended with IE6 and WebKit419.

* Using a document.viewport method that is 10x faster then the one in Prototype.
  Planned for Prototype

* Made it possible to set the position of the menubar to 'top' or 'bottom' for each media type.

* Switched to event delegation when opening views.
  Calling Lightview.updateViews is no longer required.

* Added support for image map area tags.

* Lightview will now always open starting from the same dimensions,
  those can be adjusted using startDimensions.

* Quicktime no longer needs the 16px correction for it's controller,
  removing the correction fixed some distortion issues.

* closeButton option can now be 'small', 'large' or false to customize or hide the closeButton
  inside the view.

* keyboard buttons can now be disabled on individual views using the keyboard option.

* Removed the wrapping of inline elements to correct margins on them because it was unreliable,
  when inserting elements inline into Lightview you will need to make sure they have no margins
  set on them for the best result.

* Added menubarPadding to easily configure the padding between menubar and content.

* Made sure hidden inline content doesn't shift pagesize when shown.

* Fixes bug where Quicktime could flash at the top left position on IE before showing.

* Using the default overlay method on Safari 3, overlay.png is now only used on older Safari versions.
  Removed overlay_fix.png

* Fixed bug where images didn't resize to the viewport at the right dimensions [noxhoej]
* Effects now go 2x faster.
  All changes in this release are UI improvements taken from the upcoming 2.4 release.

* Changed the topclose button to always stay open. [kb244, ijnalepa]

* Renamed #overlay to #lv_overlay, this prevents conflicts with other scripts
  using the same id.

* Added overlayClose option to disable the overlay close on click for individual views.

* Darkened the text and the inner buttons for better visibility on every mouse state.

* Better text and image alignment inside the menubar.

* Absolute image path can now be an url starting with 'http://' or '/'.

* Removed inner_topclose.png, close_small.png is now used instead

* Quicktime now uses the standard closebutton by default instead of the topclose button.
* Darkened the inner buttons for better visibility in preparation for the 2.4 release.

* Sharpened the topclose button.
* Added lightview:loaded custom event that triggers when lightview is loaded
  and ready for a call.

* Made sure the slideshow image always has correct dimensions on IE.
* Some refactoring on how Lightview is shown/hidden in older versions of Safari.
* Fixed a bug with inline content not showing properly in IE [alfhv]
* Added play/stop text next to the slideshow image.
  Changed the inner buttons so their visibility is always good.
  Added a little spacing to the inner next button so it aligns with the grid again.
* Made it possible to set an image directory using an absolute url.
  For example: ''
  This makes it easier to use url rewriting with Lightview.

* Switched to wmode transparent for flash, to force swf to be on top.
  Made it possible to set wmode through options.
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