* Improved the design and visibility of the inner buttons and slightly increased their opacity.
* Made it possible to disable the keyboard buttons [donwilson]

* No more wmode transparent on flash to preserve background colors [xylef]

* Fixed console warning from 2.2.7 [mlbfan86]
* Fixed IE6 close button size and black pixels caused by 2.2.4 changes.
  CSS on the close button changed from padding to margin.
* Fixed top margin problems some sites had on Internet Explorer after inserting Lightview.
  details: Lightview and it's overlay are now inserted at the bottom of the page.
  This reverts a change made in 2.0.1 where those elements were added to the top of the page.
  It prevented some pages throwing 'Operating Aborted' on IE6 after lightview was inserted
  into document.body on Prototypes 'dom:loaded' event. Should that bug arise again it will be
  solved in Prototype instead. A workaround in that case is inserting lightview.js right before
  the </body> tag. [kak, zencocoon, noxhoej]
* Fixed CSS padding within the menubar on IE for inline, ajax, and iframe views.

* Fixed Firefox 3b5 issues png close button having black pixels during fade effect.

* Fixed disabled buttons when going from iframe to image view in IE [pppun, jabbercode]
* Fixed selects, embeds and objects getting visibility: hidden in inline views [Daan van der Werf]

* Slightly darkened the inner previous, next and slideshow button.
* Improved the way closing is done by using event delegation.

* Fixed the option to disable overlay close [Carlos A. Gutierrez Gonzalez]
* All images are now PNG, this makes it easier to style using transparent images.

* Fixed disabling sidebuttons [Basti]

* Added Element.setPngBackground(image) for cross-browser png backgrounds.

* Made sure visibility on select, embed and object tags remains
  unchanged after closing [rlightner]

* Added 'jsp' to default iframe view [andreainfusino]

* Added allowFullScreen=true for flash [corpo]

* Fixed 'lightview' class not working when it's not the first 
  class on the element [Kyle]
* New bottom navigation bar
   - Updated images for a cleaner look.
   - Optional previous next buttons in the view.
   - Slideshow and previous next buttons can be disabled as 
     option on the element.

* Side buttons can now be disabled, 
  makes it easier to download an image.

* Prevented slideshow button from hiding it's border when clicked.
* Fix flash always on top in firefox
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