Lightview is licensed under the terms of the Lightview License. You are free to use it on non-commercial websites. Licenses are available for commercial use.

By downloading you agree to the terms of the non-commercial license.

Current Release: 3.5.1 - Changelog


Single Domain License

  • Use on a single commercial domain
  • No watermark
€ 49,-

Unlimited License

  • Any number of commercial domains
  • No watermark
€ 95,-

Frequently asked questions

What is a commercial website?

A website is considered commercial when income is achieved through it or when the intention of the site is to achieve income indirectly. When it sells products or services or has banner and/or advertising revenue.

Some examples of commercial websites are: business websites, portfolios, shop websites, club websites, auction websites, paid mail services, bet, gamble and lot websites, websites with sales and/or profit making orientation.

Are subdomains covered?

Yes, a license for covers all subdomains.

Is there a version without the watermark?

Yes, the licensed versions don't have a watermark.

Are there other payment options?

Yes, the alternative to a Paypal account is using a credit card or bank account from the Paypal page, the last step in the purchase process. No account is required for this.

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