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Tipped allows you to easily create beautiful tooltips using the jQuery Javascript library.

Evolved from the popular Prototip library, Tipped takes tooltips to the next level by using HTML5 to give you full control over the look and feel of your tooltips.

Canvas graphics

The entire skin of the tooltip, from shadow to loading icon, is drawn using Canvas. This means that tooltip styles can easily be changed without having to create any images.

Canvas based tooltips also have the advantage that they look great in every browser, even in IE6!

Javascript API

With the powerful API provided by Tipped it's possible to quickly create and control tooltips customized to your site, all it takes is a few lines of Javascript.

And more...

Check out the demonstrations below or head over to the documentation to discover more awesome features.



Skins are created using Canvas, so they can quickly be adjust with just a few lines of Javascript. This saves a lot of time playing around with images.


The entire look of the tooltip can be customized. Here are just a few examples of what's possible, check out the documentation for more.


Tipped has the most complete positioning system out there, it'll even reposition tooltips for you automatically. Tooltip positioning has never been easier.

Callbacks & Events

Callbacks are available for easy integration with your own code. Events are made to work on the iPad and iPhone, this saves time creating mobile specific code.

Ajax & HTML

Create even more advanced tooltips by pulling in HTML through Ajax or from elements on the page. Pretty much anything becomes possible when combining this with callbacks.


Tipped comes with a powerful Javascript API to create, show, hide or remove tooltips programatically.

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