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A lot of work went into making Tipped the best tooltip script out there. With the help of your we can make it even better and push things forward.

On this page you'll find a number of ways to give feedback and get more involved with the project.

Feedback & Bugs

Need some help, think you've found a bug or just want to talk about using Tipped in general?

Leave a message on the forum so we can help each other out. Looking forward to getting your feedback.

Updates on Twitter

Updates on new and upcoming releases are posted on Twitter, follow @tippedjs to stay on top of things.


These are the latest changelog entries, you can find the complete changelog here.

** - 08.01.2014
* Fixed a bug in Tipped.init that could cause an error in IE when calling it multiple times [jone1joh]

* Upgraded jQuery to 1.10.2
*3.2.0* - 22.10.2013
* Fixed a bug that prevented CSS transitions caused by a regression in Firefox 24 [xalexas]
*3.1.9* - 26.09.2013
* Calling Tipped.init() will now restore Tipped to its initial state. Cleaning up any previously 
  created tooltips [jhaile]

* Some changes to go along with Tipped.init() to help deal with things like Rails Turbolinks 
  that replace the entire body element [jhaile]
*3.1.8* - 01.02.2013
* Fixed a problem with links inside a tooltip requiring two clicks to open on iOS [t3chn0r]
*3.1.7* - 27.01.2013
* The target option now accepts an element [john_s]
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