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Download & Licensing

Tipped is licensed under the terms of the Tipped License. Permission to use Tipped on your domain(s) can be obtained by paying a license fee.

This will vary depending on the number of domains you want to cover and whether those are considered commercial or non-commercial.

Demo version

Feel free to give the demo version a spin to find out if Tipped is the right choice for you. This version has a watermark applied.

Once you've obtained a license you'll be able to download the version without the watermark.

License options

See the information below for the more on the individual license options, from there you'll be able to purchase.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send an email.

Download Tipped - Licensed
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License options

These licenses give access to Tipped 3. Please purchase a Tipped 4 license to avoid having to upgrade.


Single Domain

A small fee is required for non-commercial use.

€ 3,-



Get permission to use Tipped on all the non-commercial websites you develop in the future, at no further cost.

€ 15,-


Single Domain

This will give you permission to use Tipped and all future updates on a single commercial domain.

€ 49,-



With unlimited permission you are allowed to use Tipped and all future updates on any commercial website you develop in the future, at no further cost.

€ 95,-

Frequently asked questions

What is a commercial website?

A website is considered commercial when income is achieved through it or when the intention of the site is to achieve income indirectly. When it sells products or services or has banner and/or advertising revenue.

Some examples of commercial websites are: business websites, portfolios, shop websites, club websites, auction websites, paid mail services, bet, gamble and lot websites, websites with sales and/or profit making orientation.

Are subdomains covered?

Yes, a license for domain.com covers all subdomains.

Are requests made to your server?

No, the difference between Licensed and the Demo is the watermark.

Are there other payment options?

Yes, the alternative to a Paypal account is using a credit card or bank account from the Paypal page, the last step in the purchase process.

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